Some interesting thoughts on Neuroplasticity

Some interesting thoughts on Neuroplasticity

Inspired by a workshop I took with Bo Forbes, a truly inspiring teacher!

Neuroplasticity is the capacity for our brain to learn through experience… therefore, with repeated effort and practice (not force) the seeds for possitive transformation are planted and, over time, allowed to bear fruit.

This means that we CAN change – but there is no such thing as a quick fix. The Nervous System reacts defensively when we expect it to change over night. It’s actually counter productive. In order for change to be long lasting, we first need to accept, and then take gradual steps that evolve over time and do not shock the nervous system. (hence why sometimes you participate in a workshop – feel great for a few days, then back to the old ways – the intellect gets it, but the body and Nervous System didn’t get time to catch up).

We are living in a quick fix society and media, technology and our fast paced society have encouraged us to expect things to happen instantly – or we can dispose of them and move on to the next thing.

If we continue to think and live like this, we will only increase the patterns of stress, depression and anxiety within ourselves. If we start to become more in tune with our body, mind, emotions and spirit… we will naturally slow down, release our unrealisitc expectations and allow things to unfold without force. This is true of physical, mental and emotional evolution.

Yoga teaches us the qualities we need to do this (mainly presence), at the same time as allowing for positive transformation to happen naturally – you feel great, and the body/mind shifts of and by itself as awareness increases – it’s a by product of the practice!

So, patience really is a virtue, and one worth cultivating. It leads to a deeper acceptance and tolerance of yourself and others and allows the space and time required to truly experience and embody the long lasting benefits of Yoga.