June Workshop, Edinburgh

Summer Solstice Celebration!


June 25th 10:30am-5:30pm
June 26th 10:30am-5:30pm
Both Days
Location: TBC
Investment: £65 if one day,

£140 (£125 if booked before May 18th) if two days (TBC)

Cost does not include accommodation, which must be arranged individually.

I hope this finds you all very well! I am settling into our new place down south, slowly making a house a home. We don’t have the internet set up at home yet so please do bear with my slow responses. I do love to hear from you!!

Below is information about what I envision for our June workshop.
Those of you who are interested in coming, please let me know the day you can make, or both days so that I can organise this and start to take bookings.

Please only respond if you are committed to coming on one or both of the days.

That way I can assess if it will work for me too. I will need a minimum of 12 people to run this workshop and will take a maximum of 16. I will run either a one day or a two day workshop depending on numbers. The workshop will be in, or accessible, to Edinburgh.

Exchange Opportunity!
Would you like to attend this workshop in exchange for your time?
I am looking for someone to help me to find a venue for either one of the days or both days, depending on what people can commit to. Your task would be to secure a beautiful venue, preferably close to nature in return for a space on the workshop with no fee. 

I will offer this place on a first come first serve basis.
Again, please only apply if you are committed and you realistically have the time to search for a venue, which will need to be secured asap.

To apply, please write to me letting me know if you do have the time and why you would like to attend the workshop. I will send you more details about what I have in mind for a venue once you have applied.


Summer Solstice Celebration!
Information Below


Join us to celebrate the Summer Solstice! This weekend will offer a chance to connect with like minded people in a nourishing space focused on presence and creative inquiry! 

We will nourish and resource our beings by calling into our awareness all that we feel grateful for in our lives – the celebrations and the challenges – as we reflect upon how they have helped us to evolve into who we are today!

We will share and sculpt our dreams, visions and desires, calling them into presence and contemplating the ways in which they are already birthing through us. 

We will cultivate useful resources through exploring creative movement, vocal play, time for reflective presence and connecting with each other in a safe and held space. 

We will share time and space with each other, bare witness to each other and, perhaps, allow ourselves to be seen. We will meet new people, make new friends and connect more deeply with ourselves.


I hope to open for bookings within the next couple of weeks, provided I enough people are committed to attending and we have a venue!

Very much looking forward to reconnecting in June!

Much love,