Baby, Moves Me.

It’s feeling deeply inside.
It’s breathing.
It’s in the allowing of my body to be…
As it is.

It’s in exploration and curiosity,
It’s the open attentiveness with which I
Trace the emerging movements.

It’s the sounds and the gestures
That flow.
It’s the moments of
Infinite Pause
The fluid undulations in my spine.

It’s the way the breath begins
Each movement and
To it, the movement

It’s the willingness to feel
Each moment as it bubbles to the surface and
The underlying stillness at its core.

It is deeply feeling this life
Growing, moving, exploring
From the inside out.

It is the story of evolution that
Ripens within my womb.
The miracle of life from
Formless to form.

It is these moments in which we
Move together
As one.

It is these moments… and
There are only these moments.

Hayley Price