ReSource coming soon

I am excited to begin ReSource soon

I have opened the group up for all women.

Information can be found here.

Dates & Booking can be found here.

The main reason I did this is that I would like to provide a space that allows people, women in this case, from different backgrounds to connect, so the webs of support that surround all of us can widen and thrive more wholeheartedly and with life.

ReSource is a space where you can receive nurture, space to rest, restore and (re)connect with the cyclical wisdom and joy of being in your own body through Embodied Rest & Gentle Somatic Movement.

Themes for sessions follow the Celtic Wheel of the Year and seek to evoke remembrance of the wider and wilder webs of life we are all a part of.

My hope is that you may land more fully in the emergence of who you are and remember your place within this great web of life, that you may feel more resourced to bring more of yourself to life with full heart.

My hope is that, through this coming together, all life may thrive.

If this sparks your curiosity and speaks to your longing, come along.

ReSource is a space for women.

Whole community offerings are on their way.

I have spaces in my Collaborative Somatic Therapy practice and in my Mother Space practice for those in need of individual support.

My work in the community unfolds alongside my mothering, which holds deep value to me. My work and my mothering are interwoven, each seeding cultural change.

Emergence moves in its own timing, deep undercurrents that counter the values of dominant culture and require deep listening and attuning with the wild pulse of life.

Watch this space.

With heart,