Authentic Action

Our first ReSource taster has beenI so much enjoyed sharing space with the wise and generous group of women who gathered earlier this week to rest, to move, to connect and to share.
It always feels like such a privilege to hold these spaces and witness (re)connection happening through attuning to the rhythms of the body.
Simple, everyday magick happens here.
There’s space on the taster on February 6th.
Regular sessions begin on February 20th.
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I originally began ReSource to provide a space for mothers to come and receive nurture. Over time, I decided to extend the invitation to all women, to build bridges across the community.
Ultimately, I am moved to facilitate this spaceto meet a need within the dominant culture, within which we live, to provide a space for slowing down and attuning to the rhythms of the meet a wider ecological need to remember our lived experience as human beings as aligned and resonant with the rhythms of nature, and to experience reciprocal nurture and (inter)connection through this.
Here’s a question that a participant asked at the taster:
In following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, will ReSource always include Embodied Rest, even in the more enlivening months of Spring & Summer?
Yes, ReSource will always give space for rest. Even in the more active phases of Spring and Summer, roots gain nourishment through the depths of the dark earth. In a culture that celebrates activity at the negation of rest, dreamtime and receptivity, it is ever important to remember and return to the ground from and through which we all rise.
It is through meeting and inhabiting our ground, inclusive of the so-called “higher centres” of the body, that authentic will and authentic action arise. When we act from a place that excludes the ground of our being, then will and action are unrooted and displaced. This is unsustainable and is likely to lead to burn out and unhealthy power dynamics, whether expressed inwardly or outwardly.
The body is a complex ecology and is deeply interrelated with the wider ecologies within which we move and breathe. We are of each other. Our bodies thrum with the vibrations of nature and thrive within it.
Attuning to the rhythms of your own body and connecting with its innate intelligence is not only deeply nourishing and healing on a personal level. It is also part of a cultural necessity towards remembering something of our humanness and how we are interweaving with all life.
So, we rest in the summer too. We allow the regenerative process of pausing, of sensing, of attuning to nourish us. And the authentic impulse toward action expresses itself in how we move through and within life.
I close with the image below. It is Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen’s depiction of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The black area in the image is representative of the parasympathetic branch of the ANS. The white curved lines are representative of the sympathetic branch of the ANS.
 Our bodies thrive through the healthy expression and dynamic balance of both sympathetic and parasympathetic activity.
I invite you to take some time with this image.
Notice how these sympathetic impulses arise through and within the ground of the parasympathetic holding. I invite you to consider this alongside the possibility of authentic action and authentic will arising through and within the ground of your being.
With heart,