Hayley is a mother, somatic therapist, ecosomatic practitioner, and singer
based in Totnes, Devon.

Collaborative Somatic Therapy

Healing as ‘not the seeking of relief; [as] the slow and gentle process of learning a new way of relating to that which causes us pain, fear and suffering.’
Tayla Ealom

Collaborative Somatic Therapy is a process-oriented approach which draws upon diverse fields integrating somatic, psychological and ecological theory and practice to support the emergence and welcoming of your wholeness in authentic relationship with all life.

Walking alongside those who wish to explore:

  • (re)Connection with your own body
  • Life’s challenges
  • Life’s transitions
  • Working with and integrating early developmental patterns
  • Somatic developmental (pre & perinatal) psychology
  • Embodiment & Belonging
  • Grief & Loss
  • Life-Death-Life cycles
  • MotherCulture
  • Women’s health
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Eco-somatic movement
  • Chronic illness
  • Mystery

The reasons for avoiding connection with the body can be many, complex and valid in their historical context.

The pathways to restoring connection need sensitivity, courage, organic time, gentle inquiry and an awareness of working with trauma. 

I am an ISMETA registered Trauma Informed Somatic Movement Therapist. I hold space for people exploring themes around restoring connection in the body and working with life’s challenges. These themes are explored through the landscape of the body.

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“I found that Hayley’s gentle awareness allowed me to explore subtle aspects of my relationship to my body at a pace that felt comfortable and safe. Whilst working with Hayley, and since, my relationship to my physical self has changed significantly and I have become more at home within myself.”
C.I. (Client)

How: Depending on your needs, a session may be focused towards:

Somatic movement 
Involving a creative approach, drawing upon the principles of Authentic Movement, as well as the work of Miranda Tufnell, Andrea Olsen, Emily Conrad, Linda Hartley and my studies in embodied anatomy.

Where appropriate, collaborative bodywork can be a powerful means through which to connect with the body and explore themes in therapy. This approach to bodywork is not about me doing something to you. It is a collaborative approach in which the client participates, through embodied and verbal feedback, as a means of inquiry.

Gentle yoga
Including attention with the breath, simple movements and mindfulness.

Embodied Rest
Countering our culture of ‘busy’ and giving space for rest, replenishment, nurture and inner inquiry.

Sessions may include a combination of all four. 

‘our earliest development forms the templates for later stages of development, and early development is primarily non-verbal, so working through the body provides direct access to early developmental, non-verbal, and implicit behavioural issues.’
Susan Apoyshan

My approach is rooted in a spirit of exploration into the lived experience of the body as it emerges.

In sessions, you will explore ways to tend to the present felt sense, anchor in inner resources and connect with the body’s innate intelligence for self/co-regulation and healing.

I will support you to gently reconnect and develop a healthy relationship with your body and the environments you inhabit.

You will learn gentle, simple tools that support integration and wellness.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
Khalil Gibran

This work is an empowering and collaborative process. I do not offer quick fixes or aim to ‘fix’ you.

I will support you to uncover the nuggets of wisdom that lie at the heart of life’s challenges. This wisdom is within you and can be revealed as your sense of connection with yourself, others and your place as part of this animate Earth is uncovered and the exiled parts of yourself are welcomed as part of your wholeness.

I see my role as being your ally, someone who walks alongside you, on your path of regenerating and embodying wholeness (which, paradoxically, is inclusive of all your brokenness).

I felt seen and honoured as a human and woman beingI found the rhythm very supportive for my being. I felt Hayley’s support and care in each practice. It was grounded, gentle, supportive and truthful. I felt met, seen and heard.” 

Nina Nousiainan


  • P.G. Diploma in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing (with distinction).
  • Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence levels 1 & 2.
  • IBMT Infant Development Movement Patterns
  • Qualified and experienced yoga therapist, specialising in Yoga Therapy for mental health and wellbeing, as well as for women’s health.
  • I hold a trauma sensitive space and have attended CPD trainings in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Hakomi and Process Work.

Please visit here for further information on my trainings and CPD.

 Working with Hayley helped me to move from my heart. It helped me to learn to listen to my body and be witnessed in a safe space. Hayley creates a nurturing space and holds it with skill and care as she facilitates and helps participants to tap into the intuitive knowing and movement in their bodies. I would recommend working with Hayley to anyone who would like to learn to move more intuitively.”
Elle Franklin

Where: Collaborative Somatic Therapy can be held in one of the following two spaces:

In Totnes. 
I offer sessions from the Moveforward studio in Totnes.

On the Land.
Between April and November sessions can take place on the land. Contact me for more details.

Contact Hayley to book your session or arrange a free 20 minute consultation.

My one-to-one therapeutic practice is currently based from MoveForward studio in central Totnes. The studio is opposite St. Mary’s church and there is a flight of stairs upon entering the building. Due to my current capacity and availability of studio spaces in Totnes, this is where I base my practice for now.
I would like to acknowledge that this venue may not be accessible for everyone and my intention is, as space opens up more in my own life with regards to mothering, to seek out alternate, more accessible venues to include in my practice. Please bear with me and thank you for your patience.