Hayley is a mother, somatic therapist, ecosomatic practitioner, and singer
based in Totnes, Devon.


Come along if you are a woman and you:

  • Need a Space to Rest & Restore
  • Would like to develop Body-Based Resources to Support your day to day life
  • Would like to Connect with other women and share your experience
  • Would like to (re)connect with your Creativity
  • Would like a space to feel Held & Supported
  • Would like to remember the Joy of being in Your Own Body

I felt seen and honoured as a human and woman beingI found the rhythm very supportive for my being. 
I felt Hayley’s support and care in each practice. It was grounded, gentle, supportive and truthful.
I felt met, seen and heard.” 

Nina Nousiainan

What is involved:

  • Space to Move Freely
  • A guided Embodied Rest session
  • Gentle Somatic Movement (gently guided movement)
  • Space to Process, Create & Integrate
  • Time to Connect & Share

The ReSource sessions will be facilitated by
Hayley Nettle, a trauma informed somatic movement therapist & educator, who draws on two decades of movement-based facilitation experience.
You can read more about Hayley HERE

Such a precious and supportive offering.
Having experienced some of Hayley’s workshops, I know how pleasurable and valuable they are! Hayley encourages and facilitates real rooty slowing-down, deep rich nourishment, (like yummy beetroot soup for both body and soul!), and the re-kindling of an embodied connection with the seasons and tides of our lives.

Lynne Speight

‘Some may ask, why do people need this kind of work? If humans are a result of 2 billion years of innovation, why is there value in rolling around on the floor and making sounds? Humans have become chair-dwelling, car-riding, machine-operating, industrialised beings – largely divorced from the natural rhythms and activities of nature in which we evolved.
As practitioners of movement, we see many people looking for comfort with the ancient and the modern in their bodies… {evolutionary movement} can help us open our perception and find links between the ancient and the new.’
Caryn McHose & Kevin Frank


What is?:

Embodied Rest:

These are gently guided relaxation sessions, drawing on the practices of yoga nidra and somatic relaxation modalities. With its focus on the body, Embodied Rest will offer you space to deeply rest and restore.

Somatic Movement:

Thomas Hanna used the term somatic to describe the body as experienced from the inside.

There are so many different approaches to Somatic Movement. Each approach offers a process of discovery into the landscape of your own body and the invitation to inhabit yourself with greater presence and connection.

Hayley draws upon her studies and experience in Authentic Movement, the work of Miranda Tufnell, Andrea Olsen, Linda Hartley and Emily Conrad, as well as other somatic movement lineages.

The ReSource sessions are inspired by, and will follow, the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Themes will be explored in relationship with Body, Earth and the Seasons.

You can expect to be gently guided into the wisdom of your own body, exploring ways to nourish and resource each body system through movement.

There is always permission to listen to what you need in each moment and respond from there. Come and try it out.

I am pregnant. Can I come?

You are welcome in this group.

You may like to consider if you would prefer to join when you are in your second trimester.
For some, the first trimester can feel like a sensitive time, where not everyone may know about your pregnancy. Please make your decision around this depending on what you feel comfortable with.

For the Embodied Rest, you can adapt this to lay on your side and you are welcome to adjust your body throughout as you need to so you can be comfortable.

The Somatic Movement is gently guided and designed to elicit the wisdom of your own body in a permissive space. Therefore, you can adapt it as you need to, listening to what feels right for you and baby (eg. not rolling on to your front but rolling from side to side instead).

While these are not a pregnancy specific sessions, Somatic Movement and practice, while pregnant, can be a wonderful way to connect with your own body in preparation for birth.

I am a woman but not a mother. Can I come?

ReSource is a space to come and receive nurture. In turn, this can enliven nurture in your own life. Please join us, and connect with other women and let’s widen the web of community and connection together!

Why are the sessions 1hr 45mins?

In our dominant western culture, we spend so much time rushing around and doing, often in a state of stress. The demands of modern life can perpetuate this. Creating spaces that offer opportunity to slow down, rest and restore are ever more important to achieve a healthy balance and allow for states of being and becoming to emerge.

When working with the body, time and space for transition and integration are needed. These sessions are an opportunity for you to give yourself that all important time. For the parts of you that need to rest, process and integrate to have space to breathe.

In (very simplified) terms of the Nervous System our disposition toward doing and stress states translates as a tendency for the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system to dominate in an unhealthy and unregulated way.

In contrast, the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for the resting, digesting and processing of our day-to-day and longer term experiences. In ReSource, we give these faculties of support time to be and breathe.

Ultimately, our bodies thrive through the healthy expression and dynamic balance of both sympathetic and parasympathetic activity.

ReSource is an opportunity to create a more healthy balance in your system as a whole through creating space for rest.

Do you use music in the sessions or are they in silence?

Sessions include a mixture of both: movement explorations accompanied by music and explorations in silence. Sounds that arise through your movement are welcome in the space.

Is the movement practiced individually or with others?

As the group finds its feet, the focus will be on resourcing through your own body. As the group progresses, gentle movement with a partner or in a group may be part of the sessions. Consent is embedded within the practice space. There is always opportunities to listen to what you need and continue in your own individual sphere if this feels right for you, alongside the invitation to explore moving in relationship. Because we are a group, there will always be a group field that connects us as movers in a shared experience.

Do I have to book / commit for the whole term?

Not yet.
In the future, as the group grows, we will explore what may work best for the group. For now, there will be both drop in and committed options.

You may find that coming to sessions on a regular basis will have beneficial impact in the longterm.

I can’t afford the sessions. Can I come?

I have tried to price the sessions fairly for the length of time they are and the work involved in running them. My hope is that, because the sessions are bi-weekly, they will be more affordable over the longterm (eg, when booked as a block booking they are £7 / week).
Having said this, I understand the difficult financial climate within which we live. I would like these sessions to be accessible as well as sustainable for me. Until the group is established, and for as long as I am financially able, I have provided concession spaces for drop in bookings.
Please only book these if you are in need.
Please pay the full price if you are able. This really helps me to continue my practice.
Please consider paying the supporter price if you are financially abundant
(see below).

I am in a financially abundant / stable position.
How do I support this project?

When you book, you can pay a ‘Supporter’ price for block bookings. If you feel you are in a financially abundant / stable position you can opt to pay this and support me in offering concession and low cost places while being able to sustain my practice.
SO many thanks!

I need therapy! Are these sessions suitable for me?

Possibly. Possibly not.
These sessions may be therapeutic in nature however, they are not intended to replace individual therapy sessions that may support and meet you at another level of your journey.

If you think you may struggle to regulate within a group and are in need of individual support, I offer one-to-one collaborative somatic therapy sessions as well as sessions specifically for mothers, called Mother Space.

Collaborative Somatic Therapy and Mother Space are spaces for you to receive the deeper holding you may need to process challenge and cultivate inner resources.

It is always possible to be in touch and discuss this with Hayley to see what would work best for you.
It may be possible that a combination of both group work and individual therapy may suit you.

I really want to come but I don’t have a car. How can I get there?

We’ll be setting up a lift share whatsaap group so that you can get here and back.
Watch this space.

I know I need this! How do I sign up!?

Booking is open!
Book here.
Please join our mailing list to stay updated about our offerings.

Got more questions?

Email me: hello@hayleynettle.com

‘Hayley creates a nurturing space and holds it with skill and care as she facilitates
and helps participants to tap into the intuitive knowing and movement in their bodies.’

Elle Franklin